Colored pencils

Creating portraits with colored pencils

Creating a realistic portrait is a challenge regardless of the medium. From drawing to painting, techniques vary, but the results can be surprising.

One technique is to use colored pencils to create a result that looks as complex as a painting.

Develop your own techniques

Each one of us develops his own set of techniques composed of fragments and pieces that are adopted from tutorials, books, classes and, most importantly, practice.

The correct ways to learn to make portraits with colored pencils are varied.

In art, there is no right or wrong way of doing things, there are simply certain guidelines that help you to guide in the different directions that you would like to follow and, in turn, help you to create your own rules as we move forward .

Take whatever is most useful for you from this guide and set aside what does not suit your preferred techniques and methods.

Colored pencil painting portraits provide simple solutions to the problems faced by artists when creating realistic images, and will make readers interested in the complexities of color, texture, shade and light as they interact with the human form.

Advantages of working with colored pencils

The crayons have many advantages. On the one hand, they are extremely light and portable. They do not require intensive configuration; You can take them wherever you go, open your sketchbook or sketchbook, and go!

An art creation session with crayons is as quick and easy to clean as it is to set up. This means that the crayons do not imply disorder or complexity in comparison with other artistic media.

Using a good color pencil

There are different brands that make colored pencils but when painting or making portraits using colored pencils as a technique, you must select a professional quality pencil.

Professional-quality crayons contain a higher degree of wax and pigment than the colored pencils used by children. These pencils allow a really rich, deep and luminescent color. The finished drawings can be so soft and pigmented that they resemble paintings!

Final words

Encourage yourself to practice this technique and make the best portraits and compositions; Choose a good paper, sharpen your pencils, relax and the art will appear before your eyes.