carlos antonio cardozo artista y pintor colombiano

Carlos Antonio Aguilar Cardozo

Girardot. (Cundinamarca). April 23, 1971.

Resides in Medellín (Antioquia) since 1980.

He studied Plastic Arts at the Punto y Sol Academy under the guidance of Fernando Betancurt Machado.

He has worked from teaching in the creation and execution of projects with vulnerable population for the formation of values through the experience of art, in the Institute of Fine Arts of the municipality of Copacabana, the Combos Educational Corporation of the city of Medellin and the Corporation Ethics of the Municipality of Bello.

He is currently a teacher of children's painting and plastic arts programs for adults at the Punto y Sol Academy.

How is this passion born?

Among the memories of my childhood there is a very special one.

In the grandparents' house, an immense house with a mango tree in the patio and spacious rooms where the game was heated.

Live in me, a beautiful memory that marked my present ... the painting in the living room of the house! A work of art that gave harmony and beauty to the place; an oil painting of a landscape, where along a road you could see a cart next to an imposing tree and in the direction of a small town in the distance.

I managed to capture my attention, I was worried, I wanted to know how that image was possible, at times and I remember it very well! I thought, it was a window, which could be passed, I looked between the frame and the wall wanting to find the beyond of that road, whole or sometimes evenings, sitting in front of the landscape in a state of contemplation and stillness that took me to others worlds!

The grandmother in an act of love and wisdom did not allow me to bother, as protecting the birth of curiosity, curiosity that after a while gave birth to the desire to paint, to create landscapes, scenes and spaces that transport to other worlds.

Collective exhibitions

  • Bioartinternational. Costa Rica, 2004
  • Violence in the south-developed countries. NGO Cordes. Medellín, 2005.
  • Departmental Assembly of Antioquia. Medellín, 2013.
  • Punto y sol academy. Copacabana, 1994 – 2018.

Individual exhibition

  • Artisans of health and practices for the care of life.
  • Universidad Nacional. Medellín, 2018.